Gastritis Symptoms

Gastritis Symptoms

What are the gastritis symptoms?

Gastritis SymptomsGastritis symptoms can show as an inflammation of the inner mucosal lining of the stomach, which leads to disruption of the entire process of digestion. Gastritis Symptoms show up as a deteriorating general condition, reduces the efficiency and appears as excessive fatigue.

This article will help to answer to this question. First, The medical term of gastritis implies a number of gastrointestinal diseases. These diseases are associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane inside the stomach wall.

There are two main types of gastritis, acute and chronic gastritis. There are also more rigid and hemorrhagic gastritis.  They each have their own gastritis symptoms.

Let us consider the symptoms of each of these types of gastritis. Let us start with acute gastritis. Thus, acute gastritis, an acute inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The cause of this disease can be any chemical, mechanical, thermal, or bacterial attack. There are many acute gastritis symptoms. Most often, people worried about a feeling of heaviness and fullness in the epigastria region. In addition, you can pursue nausea, weakness, dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea. Human skin pale, on the tongue you can note the grayish-white coating; you may be concerned about excessive salivation or, conversely, a constant dry mouth. By pressing on the stomach, it starts to hurt. Delays in treatment of acute gastritis can lead to chronic form.

What is chronic gastritis and what are the chronic gastritis symptoms?

Under chronic gastritis, involve chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach wall. Symptoms of chronic gastritis are feeling the pressure in the stomach after eating, heartburn, nausea, occasional dull pain, loss of appetite, bad taste in my mouth. You can also have sour belching, copious gastric secretion during the night, and constipation. With regard to hemorrhagic gastritis, it is characterized by a tendency to gastric bleeding, often inflammatory and erosive changes of the gastric mucosa, a high gastric secretion. Gastritis Symptoms are considered to be rigid epigastria pain, dyspepsia, increased secretion of gastric juices rarely achlorhydria.

Knowing what kind of gastritis symptoms you have can you find the best treatment for you.